Love Poems/Quotes

A True Love Story

Some say there's this thing   
called love at first sight,
But, our eyes had not yet met.
There was something in the
way you spoke that seemed
to penetrate the very
essence of my soul, sending
rushing chills throughout
my entire body.
But, our eyes had not yet met.
I could feel your arms wrapped
around me, hugging me
firmly with a gentle touch.
But, our eyes had not yet met. 
Your words were of such
authority sprinkled with
a touch of kind confidence.
I could feel my every heartbeat,
as if I had just ran a mile.
But, our eyes had not yet met.
It seemed as if I was dreaming
that you could be the one
to never leave my side,
to love me unconditionally.
But, our eyes had not yet met.
We talked for moments that
seemed like an eternity.
I felt as if I were in
another dimension, when
suddenly, you were
no longer there.
I held the phone close
to my heart.
Wanting to hear your
voice just once more.
But, our eyes had not yet met.
I laid back on my bed
and closed my eyes
to mesmerize.
I dreamed of the
place where only true lovers
would ever dare to venture.
But, our eyes had not yet met.
I could still hear the
whispers of your voice
so far, but yet so clear.
I could somehow feel your
tender touch so firm, but
with a gentleness.
But, our eyes had not yet met.
Suddenly, there's a loud sound
pounding firmly at my door.
Could this be the voice I'm hearing,
or is it all just another dream?
Hello, come in and thank you
for the flowers.
Our eyes finally meet.
And this is the beginning
of a true love story...

 ~ Lovers4healthylife

You Are My Lighthouse

You are my lighthouse
in the middle of the ocean.
You are the waves
that run through my soul
so calm, but yet so deep.
Your touch is like a hurricane
so strong, but yet so gentle.
Your kiss is like a tidal wave,
it washes me back to shore
as you rescue my heart once more.
You are my love, my lighthouse
in the middle of the ocean.

 ~ Lovers4healthylife

Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow

Yesterday's love we shared                     
is in the past,
and shall never come our way.
Today's love we share
will become yesterday's love,
at the ending of this day.
Let us make the most
of the love we share,
today and everyday
For yesterday's love is in the past,
And tomorrow's love may never come our way!

 ~ Lovers4healthylife

Marriage is like a burning fire. We must daily rekindle the fire with kind words, love, respect, & intimacy to keep the flames burning hot.  ~ Lovers4healthylife

If you ever feel your love, giving, sacrificing goes unrewarded, simply take a deep breath, this will be impossible today for some ~  Lovers4healthylife

Only with love can you do the impossible for the ungrateful ~ Lovers4healthylife

Sometimes being silent with arms open wide is the best love, advice we can give. ~  Lovers4healthylife

In true love, it's funny how the grass is never greener on the otherside,
but lust would have us think so ~ Lovers4healthylife

Love is like the Sun, It warms our hearts & body and can burn like fire,
but we would die without it. ~ Lovers4healthylife

True love is an everlasting journey,
where you give all that you have to release all that you hold ~ Lovers4healthylife

Taking love for granted is treating the ones you love the most the worst. ~ Lovers4healthylife

Don't be afraid to love like crazy today, there is no guarantee for tomorrow ~ Lovers4healthylife

Dreaming is good for the soul. If you have found your true love, you are blessed. If you are still dreaming of your true love, remember dreams can become a reality. ~ Lovers4healthylife

Over the years, I've come to learn that marriage is much like a burning fire. We must constantly feed the flames with kind words, love, respect, and rekindle the fire with intimacy to keep the flames burning hot. ~ Lovers4healthylife



Life Poems/Quotes




 People are like rainbows
 they come in many colors,
 shapes and sizes.
 The search for peace
 and harmony, for many
 remains a fantasy
 like the pot of gold
 at the end of a rainbow ~ Lovers4healthylife

Life is Like A Rose

Life is like a rose
bringing a smile,
as it stays for a little while,
bringing many pleasures
as it dies measure by measure.
Life is like a rose
always coming on a special day,
always going in a mysterious way.
Living until fully grown, and dying only to be resurrected in another
time of the unknown. ~ Lovers4healthylife

The sting of death comes to everyone's life in one way or another, but the power of love removes the stinger as time helps heal the wound ~ Lovers4healthylife

Our failures in life are merely the misplaced stones needed to help build our final masterpiece.  ~ Lovers4healthylife

Life is like a rollercoaster, you gotta keep both eyes open & hands lifted or you'll miss the thrill ~  Lovers4healthylife

Everyday is a "great day" as long as I'm still breathing, tomorrow is not a guarantee!
~ Lovers4healthylife

Often unnoticed at one eye's first glance,  
but will never frail, grey or get old : "Inner Beauty" ~ Lovers4healthylife

"You can't guarantee that today will be perfect, but you can perfect the moment." ~ DDA

Life is like a vapor, but even a vapor can leave behind the sweetest aromas ~ Lovers4healthylife

The value of life is life itself, everything else is subsidiary to it. ~ DDA



Inspirational Poems/Quotes

The Everlasting Journey

Like a baby everything
so new
The good, the bad,
all that I had
Gone without a trace
Or clue.
One step at a time
I'll follow the red brick road.
A few stops along the way
Might lead me astray.
So, I think I'll stay on that
Red brick road and give all
That I have to release all that I hold.
I'll seek and find until that glorious day of
The everlasting Journey

 ~ Lovers4healthylife

Who Am I

Who am I
Who would dare
To care
No one
But you
It's enough
For you created
All the I's

~ C. L. Anderson


When you feel like crying cause
Things have gone wrong for you
Think of the sky
The heaven above so blue
When tears start to fall
Wipe them away
Think of all the blessings
You possess today

~ Lovers4healthylife

Upon My Golden Rock

Upon my golden rock I sit
Gazing at the heavens above
I've reached the top.
My heaven on earth
I have it all
The happiest man on earth,
but yet not happy
I feel an emptiness
within my soul
Upon my golden rock I sit
Gazing at the heavens above
God is this all!
Or is there more
To this life then,
Precious diamonds, silver or gold?
"Therefore thus saith the Lord God,
behold, I lay in Zion for a foundation
a stone, a tried stone, a precious corner
stone, a sure foundation: He that believeth
shall not make haste."

 ~ Lovers4healthylife

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